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The images in this collection were made between August 2 and Aug 12, 2019, while on an expeditionary cruise around Iceland on a National Geographic / Lindblad Expeditions journey on the 148-passenger National Geographic Explorer, an ice-strengthened vessel operating in the Arctic and Antarctic. Most days, the ship either docked in a small port, or we dropped anchor and went ashore via zodiac so that we could explore small towns or go into the interior via coach. While this is not my favored way to work, there were attractions to the mode of travel and, for me, gave me a solid introduction to the country’s geography, geology, wildlife, and peoples. Since we proceeded clockwise around Iceland, I’ve accepted the chronological order for my presentation order.
Founding FatherReykjavík Street SceneLofty VaultColor In ReykjavíkYellow Boat at FlateyLonely House on FlateyRedwing ThrushFulmarBird CliffsPuffin FlightLátrabjarg BlanketDyanjandi WaterfallÍsafjörðurLooking AroundIsland of the TernsHeads UpBeauty in FlightArctic TernFish StoryCleaning The Catch

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