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I have been pursuing the non-representational photographic expression for much of my life and have increasingly pushed the boundary of traditional representational photography into what I am calling “Dreamscapes”, a term I first learned from the highly-regarded Canadian photographer André Gallant, with whom I took a workshop back in my film days.

This exhibition is something of a compendium of the various ways in which I’ve been creating dreamscapes. Certain images I’ve chosen to illuminate some of the path I’ve been exploring starting with Study In Blue, a simple close-up of a small section of a blown glass sculpture. Other small fragments of reality are found in Lilies, My World In A Drop, Chinese Garden, and Yin/Yang At The Hui, none of which have undergone post-capture tweaking other than tonal and color correction.

The exhibition opens May 27, 2016, at Gallery XII, 412 E. Douglas Avenue in Wichita, Kansas and closes on June 21, 2016.
My World In A DropStudy In BlueVelikovsky's PremiseCapture The WindYin-Yang At The HuiSunrise, Chase County, KansasLiliesChinese GardenInfinite QiBirth of ThetisDruid's GardenlasreveR emiTWorlds In CollisionDust StormWatchers on the ShoreRecursive SunflowerCracks Are How The Light Gets InAmoebas Of TimeCosmic CraterSunflower

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