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I am a transplant to Kansas, having spent all my previous life in the mountains (Colorado) forests (Virginia) or next to large bodies of water (Michigan and California). The Great Plains as both environment and geographic area is very different and takes, perhaps, a different way of seeing. For whatever reason, I have more difficulty creating personally satisfying work on the plains than just about anywhere else. It’s not so much that I find the Great Plains uninspiring as it is that they are so subtle as to require greater effort to draw their uniqueness and beauty out and into an image. This is a sentiment that I have heard echoes by numerous other photographers on the Plains.
Chase County DawnLake MistsDisturbed SkyRecursionStorm FenceFall Comes to Matfield GreenReceding SkylineKeeper Of The PlainsA Bridge to CrossFirekeeperCottonwood Falls, November 11NocturneThe Straight And The BumpyCastle On The PlainsSmoke On The PrairieSchool DaisiesPrairie BurnNight LightAbandoned DreamGnarly Sunset

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