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I’ve known for a very long time what fractals are, but did not begin to play with them in a photographic sense until November of 2013 when I learned about the FRAX application from photographer Lynette Sheppard. I use this app, by iter9, on the iPhone or iPad, selecting as a starting point an image from the camera roll on the device. Once the fractalization is set in progress the end result is largely serendipitous, though once I have stopped the initial global process I have much room to play with the wide variety of parameters governing color, spectrum, lights, and texture. I do my initial playing on a small device, using it as a sketchpad, combining a fractal saved on the device with the original photo using another app which allows me to layer the two images together. If and when I get a preliminary image with which I am happy, I send the fractal back to iter9 for generation of a high-resolution image. After they email this back to me I can go about replicating the overlay process in Photoshop to tweak and fine-tune the end image. In this gallery, the first two images are solely iPhone products, created when I was first learning to us FRAX. The others are more mature images, combining high-resolution composites.
Sea Dragon ApocalypseForest BeingsVelikovsky's PremiseGarden of Metaphysical JoyCapture The Wind

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