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For a great many people, Africa, and in particular East Africa, is associated with the wildlife safari: lions, elephants, animals living free. That is not too far from the truth, at least in the many national parks that Kenya and Tanzania have set aside. It was the wildlife that I first went to see, and where I have invested the most film and pixels. I have by no means even scratched the surface of what there is to photograph, so this gallery is necessarily abbreviated from what it could be.

It is, arguably, the apex land animals, and specifically the “Big Five” (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, and Cape Buffalo) that most tourists embarking on wildlife safaris hope to see. There is much fascinating wildlife beyond these and here I present a sampling of what I’ve been able to capture on my two wildlife safaris to Tanzania. There is additional work in my film archives and at some point I hope to have those images scanned so I can add the best to this gallery.

In the descriptions, where I give sizes, it is for adult males, not out of a sexist bias, but merely to give you an idea of comparative sizes. An excellent source of information about African wildlife is Richard Estes’ The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals, rev. ed. 1999. I have photographed many more animals than I present here. I am not so much interested in animal portraits than in presenting wildlife in the larger context of environment and social interaction, though that can be difficult with those species which are largely solitary. I list the IUCN status for all animals that are not of “least concern”.
Kirk's Dik-DikKlipspringerThompson's GazelleGrant's GazelleWaterbuckHartebeestTopiWildebeestWildebeestSerengetiImpalaImpalaElandCape Buffalo"Cape Buffalo""Maasai Giraffe"GiraffeWarthogHippoBlack Rhino

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