John Ellert has been photographing the natural world since age 14. He has been drawn to natural beauty for as long as he can remember, and longer if one may credit the stories told by adults who knew him as a young child. Pursuing a different muse, music, through college and university studies, he took up serious photography as an adult, studying with Boyd Norton, Nancy Rotenberg, André Gallant, and Freeman Patterson. Through their influence, he developed great interest in how the mind reconstructs the visual field, filling in selectively from the information presented by the eyes. Thus, his work revolves around understanding rather than merely seeing. He works in landscapes, grand as well as intimate, as well as flowers and wildlife. Taking great joy in pursuing unique qualities of light, he has traveled extensively while photographing throughout the U.S. and Europe, as well as journeys to Africa and South America. Counted among his favorite places are East Africa, the Galápagos Islands, Southeast Alaska, the Colorado mountains, Italy (particularly Tuscany), as well as the coasts, forests, and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Although he considers himself primarily a landscape and fine art photographer, he has a significant body of work encompassing macro and wildlife photography. He has also produced a significant body of work in photographic abstraction.

Mr. Ellert has participated in numerous exhibitions and his work has been featured in several Midwest galleries and exhibitions and may be found in private collections throughout the United States and Canada. He conducts workshops and leads tours in the United States, Italy, and East Africa. He holds membership in Gallery XII in Wichita, where his work is on permanent display.
He holds memberships in the North American Nature Photography Association, Great Plains Nature Photographers, The Nature Conservancy, and the Sierra Club.